Gleanings from this week’s news: theological training, Lloyd-Jones new film, secularising academia, dissolving hope in parliament


It was striking to see the number of senior academics, many of them also clergy, raising concerns about the restructuring (led by refinancing) of future theological education, potentially taking it out of university links. The response included a senior resignation from the review group and an open letter to the Church Times. We need to pray for General Synod to prioritise the quality of training over financial restructuring. Surely we do not want to withdraw theology in the Church of England from quality academic interaction, even if mixed-mode training works for some.

In the reverse direction (secular agendas against public faith in academia) Julian Rivers of Bristol University and Jubilee Centre argues that we need a careful definition of “secular” in universities or the title of these academic/research establishments (as places of universal and broad education) becomes meaningless. Worth a read for all supporters of arts and humanities.

I was magnetised by and gained a love of expository preaching from DM Lloyd-Jones, reading his sermons as a student 25 years ago. I am excited to see a new film about him “Logic on Fire” (his famous definition of preaching) is out . If you find out when it can be seen in the UK, I and lots of others would like to hear!

GE2015: Those excellent people at Jubilee Centre are also encouraging us to think and pray carefully about what we want from our politicians. This short article from Guy Brandon makes the case for seeking the common good through faith – echoes of the superb but maligned recent Bishops’ letter.


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Rector of Holy Trinity, Norwich, since Sept 2017, writing on pastoring, preaching, resourcing discipleship, and apologetics/philosophy.

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