Gleanings from this week’s news: Church growth, Green Report, Leadership, Persecution, Welby


A good summary from Krish Kandiah of how the Church is growing today, even if Christians are “ridiculously divided” and secularism is strong in Europe and North America.

Although Linda Woodhead continues to criticise the Green Report, I have a feeling most level-headed church leaders will recognise that future ministry, as in the past, needs to be BOTH pastoral AND managerial, or (better, using Eugene Peterson’s phrase which I commented on at a conference recently) reacting AND initiating. We need prayerful, teaching and missionary bishops, but we also need bishops who “get” such things as vision, teambuilding, motivating others, and change management.

The recent Church Commissioner’s report “Anecdote to Evidence” has produced much of the evidence referred to in response to Woodhead, and it is wide and deep. It was great this week to receive an early copy of the new church growth “tool” “From Evidence to Action” (happily acronymised to FETA) which from first sight looks great, and can be accessed here.

Pope Francis recently spoke up for persecuted Christians as being “invisible” to the media, and Justin Welby gave prayerful support to the Anglican church in Lahore attacked by bombing last week. Pray for those persecuted and persecuting.


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