Gleanings from the news: religious freedom, Pope Francis, resurrection, world’s toughest job


Pope Francis gave a wide-ranging interview this week in which he praised evangelical sermons for being “close to the people” in contrast to “disastrous” Catholic lessons in theology. “Almost a sacrament”, he said. He also observed that he expects his time as Pope to be relatively short.

With such cultural confusion about freedom and belief, it was good to see that the Equality and Human Rights Commission research on religion in the workplace showed that many, including Christians, feel current law is confusing and undermines their faith. Shouldn’t wearing a cross be allowed if noserings are OK? Conversely, it showed that we in church should recognise that some humanists feel pressured or excluded by insensitive religious colleagues.

Heading towards Easter it’s great that Josh Byers has done a lovely and useful infographic of the known facts and theories about the resurrection.

And a bit of fun – ahead of Mothering Sunday a mock interview for the world’s toughest job. Moving, too.


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Rector of Holy Trinity, Norwich, since Sept 2017, writing on pastoring, preaching, resourcing discipleship, and apologetics/philosophy.

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