Gleanings from this week’s news: GE2015, infinity’s absurdity, Welby, Carey, immigration


GE2015: The news last week was that polls are showing that whilst older people are planning to vote in numbers, young adults are not. For those of us who are Christians there does seem to me to be a responsibility not only to pray for those in authority over us but to vote for them, believing in the Lordship of Christ over all society and not only the Church. This excellent website “Show up” gives encouragement to vote prayerfully and intelligently and information on how churches can arrange “hustings” for local candidates to speak to those electing their MP.

For those of us with an interest in philosophy or maths, this is quite a fun video referenced this week by Justin Taylor about the absurdity of thinking the universe might be infinite, with a second video of Dr Lane Craig explaining the relevance of the maths to faith.

Two archbishops, present and former, have been in the news: Justin Welby in Birmingham, for his response to a Muslim student, and comments about his views on marriage and same-sex attraction, and George Carey, whose inclusion as one of the influential former students featured on the front wall of King’s College London may be discontinued. Apparently his views on same-sex “marriage” were objected to by the college’s LGBT society. These views appear to be only those of many other leading Christian thinkers and leaders, and consistent with the Church of England’s position. Tolerance?

For a short but thoughtful (Biblical) response to the political debate on UK immigration figures, I liked this from Mark Meynell.


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