Gleanings from the news: Theory of Everything, Secularism, Ofsted, tweeting and touching


My wife and I went to see the Stephen Hawking film “The Theory of Everything” expecting that the amazing story of his relationship with his wife, Jane, would be forefronted ahead of the philosophical issues. Nonetheless it’s a moving story beautifully acted, and I came across this film review from Michael Wenham, who as a MND sufferer himself, writes on his “My Donkey Body” blog from real empathy with Hawking’s experience. His conclusion? That Stephen may have worked out a “theory of everything”, but that Jane was the one to work out its meaning.

January was a busy month for the “religion in society” debate but this article in “The Cambridge Student” argues that secular society is no place for a just and fair debate about “religion and secularism”.

The “religion is dangerous” meme is exercising its destructive force in education and the attempt to see that “British values” are enforced in schools. All church schools may now face illiberal and unbritish Ofsted intervention, as this Catholic Herald writer argues.

He’s probably being misunderstood on this too, but Justin Welby wrote last week about Jesus’ commandments in the area of conflict resolution (face to face and compassionate), and the way that twitter anger or trolling breaks them.


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