Gleanings from the news: Welby, Churchill, NT Wright, and Henry VIII

Following (I think, unfounded) criticisms in The Times that he is too political and should concentrate on Jesus, it is great to see Justin Welby deliver a thoughtful sermon on the Common Good, and the eschatalogical call to action for justice, in New York this week.

Not a new post, but I came across this list of the top 20 books on theology: it errs a bit by being wider than just “theology” in my view, and omits massively influential overviews of the topic like Barth and Tom Wright, but still full of good suggestions.

With the 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s death next week this article from Chris Deerin was to me a brilliant, and at points moving, analysis of his greatness – and the need for similarly inspired leadership among politicians today.

Paris and its aftermath: I’m not sure I agree that Islam just needs another 500 years (and a reformation of its own) to grow out of fundamentalist brutality, but the comparison in The Church Times with Wolf Hall’s Tudor Christian England (and Reformation Europe) is pretty fair in terms of brutal treatment of religious heterodoxy. See too my comparison with the treatment of Servetus the heretic, “executed in effigy in Paris and in reality in Geneva”.


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