The world in 2015


In the news today is a shocking bombing in Paris prompted apparently by a desire to oppose religious freedom of speech. This follows the creeping growth in Germany in recent days of an Islamophobic movement which needs firm condemnation and marginalisation from political and religious leaders on all sides. Paranoia and use of religion to justify violence and xenophobia are on the rise. Europe is not a dull place to live.

On a more positive note, are there signs that faith is striking back against the strident voice of secular humanism? I was delighted to read this piece by AN Wilson, writer and former atheist-turned believer.

There are also intelligent faith voices speaking to the immense cultural confusion about marriage, like this remarkable speech to the Vatican last month from Lord Sacks which covers everything from the biology of gender and reproduction to its anthropology, sociology and Scriptural basis.


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Rector of Holy Trinity, Norwich, since Sept 2017, writing on pastoring, preaching, resourcing discipleship, and apologetics/philosophy.

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